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Characterisation Method Information
Characterisation Method Name:
Arable land use impact on NEX
Date Completed:
Principal Method Name:
EPS: Emperical modelling
Method Description:
NEX stands for Normalised EXtinction of species.


The characterisation factor is determined by an empirical method.

Category indicator value in system considered
Järvinen (1987) presents statistics on threat causes for endangered species in Sweden and Finland.

In Finland, which to a very large part is covered by forests, and where agriculture uses only a small part of the area, 1.5% of the endangered species have running agriculture as a major threat cause. In Sweden farming is responsible for the threat to 19% of the endangered species.

Considering the pressure on land in many of the highly populated and bio-diversity rich tropical and temperate regions, it is assumed that the use of arable land for agriculture is responsible for at least the same magnitude of threat as in Sweden,
i.e. 20%. Assuming that the contribution to the threat is the same as the contribution to
extinction, this gives a category indicator value of 0.2 NEX in the environmental system

Contribution to category indicators value from a flow unit

The global use of arable land is about 1.4E+13 m 2 year per year. The contribution from the use of 1 m 2 is therefore 7.1E-14 /m 2 year.

Calculation of characterisation factor
The characterisation factor is thus 0.2 NEX*7.1E-14 /m 2 year = 1.42E-14 NEX/m 2 year
Literature Reference:
1. Järvinen, O. and Miettinen, K., “Sista paret ut” Naturskyddsföreningen, Miljöförlaget, 1987.(In Swedish)
Methodological Range:
The system is global, but limited to arable land. The time frame is 1990.

Existing Characterisation Factors of Arable land use impact on NEX
Characterisation Parameter Category Indicator Impact Indication Principle Aspect Substance Quantity Unit Notes
CFactor NEX EPS/2000
Type = Natural resource
Direction = Input
Media = *
Geography = *
Arable land use EPS/2000 1.42E-14 NEX/m2 year