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Characterisation Method Information
Characterisation Method Name:
BOD impact on NEX
Date Completed:
Principal Method Name:
EPS: equivalency method using N-tot as a reference
Method Description:
NEX is Normalised EXtinction of species.


The characterisation factor is determined by an equivalency method using N-tot as a

Equivalency factor

According to Lindfors et al. (1995), each mole of nitrogen corresponds to 8.6 mole of
consumed oxygen in a N-limited aquatic system scenario. The equivalency factor is
therefore equal to 14/(8.6*16) = 0.1017 kg N/kg BOD.

Calculation of characterisation factor

The characterisation factor for N-tot is determined in "N-tot impact on NEX" to 1.8E-13 . The characterisation factor for BOD is thus 0.1017*1.8E-13 = 1.83E-14 NEX/kg BOD.
Literature Reference:
Lindfors, L.G.,Christiansen, K., Hoffman, L., Virtanen, Y., Juntilla, V. Leskinen, A., Hanssen, O-J., Rønning, A., Ekvall, T. and Finnveden, G., LCA-Nordic, Technical report No 10, Tema Nord 1995:503, Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen 1994.
Methodological Range:
All lakes, surface waters and oceans on the globe 1990.

Existing Characterisation Factors of BOD impact on NEX
Characterisation Parameter Category Indicator Impact Indication Principle Aspect Substance Quantity Unit Notes
CFactor NEX EPS/2000
Type = Emission
Direction = Output
Media = Water
Geography = *
BOD 1.83E-14 NEX/kg