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Characterisation Method Information
Characterisation Method Name:
CFC-11 impact on severe morbidity
Date Completed:
Principal Method Name:
EPS: stratospheric ozone depletion pathway and global warming pathway
Method Description:
Model 1, stratospheric ozone depletion pathway

The characterisation factor is determined by the empirical method, but using the same
basic information as in "CFC-11 impact on YOLL".

Category indicator value in system considered

The mortality for skin cancer is estimated to 2%. The average duration of severe
morbidity is assumed to be shorter than for other cancers. A one-year duration per case is assumed. Thus, the category indicator value is 3500*1*1/0.02*100 = 17500000 person-years.

Contribution to category indicators value from a flow unit

According to IPCC business as usual estimate (including agreed emission reductions) the
global emissions of freons in terms of CFC-11 equivalents will be 2.5E+10 kg for the next 100 years. Therefore the contribution of 1 kg CFC-11 (with respect to Ozone Depletion Potential) is 4E-11 kg -1 .

Calculation of pathway specific characterisation factor

The pathway specific characterisation factor is thus 17500000*4E-11 = 0.0007 person-years/ kg CFC-11.

Model 2, global warming pathway

The characterisation factor is determined by an equivalency method using CO2 as a

Equivalency factor

The GWP-100 for CFC-11 is 4000 (IPCC, 1994).

Calculation of pathway specific characterisation factor

The characterisation factor of CO2 for severe morbidity was determined to 3.53E-07 person-years/kg CO2. Thus the global warming pathway specific characterisation factor of CFC-11 for severe morbidity is 4000*3.53E–07 = 1.41E–03 person-years/kg CFC-11.

Calculation of characterisation factor

The resulting characterisation factor from adding the two pathways is 0.0007 +1.41E–03
= 2.11E-03 person-years/kg CFC-11.

Literature Reference:
IPPC, “The 1994 Report of the Scientific Assessment Working Group of IPCC. Summary for policymakers”, WMO and UNEP, 1994
Methodological Range:
The system borders are the same as for "CFC-11 impact on YOLL", i.e. global and 100 years.

Existing Characterisation Factors of CFC-11 impact on severe morbidity
Characterisation Parameter Category Indicator Impact Indication Principle Aspect Substance Quantity Unit Notes
CFactor Severe morbidity EPS/2000
Type = Emission
Direction = Output
Media = Air
Geography = *
CFC-11 2.11E-03 p yr/kg 2 pathways