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Characterisation Method Information
Characterisation Method Name:
Littering impact on severe nuisance
Date Completed:
Principal Method Name:
EPS: Willingness to pay for cleaning
Method Description:

The characterisation factor is determined by a mechanistic method.


The model is based on an assumed behaviour, where an empty package covering 0.02 m2
is picked up at a cleaning operation by a person, who needs 10 seconds for this.
Assuming a labour cost of 10 EUR/hour, the added willingness to pay for cleaning is thus
around 10/3600*10 = 0.0278 EUR or 0.0278/0.02 = 1.39 EUR/m2 . Using the WTP value of severe nuisance of 1000 EUR/person-year, the nuisance of the package would
correspond to 2.78E-05 person-years or 14.6 minutes of severe nuisance.

Calculation of characterisation factor

2.78E-05 /0.02 = 1.39E-03 person-years/m 2
Literature Reference:
Steen B (1999b): A systematic approach to environmental priority strategies in product development (EPS). Version 2000 Models and data of the default method CPM report Chalmers University of Technology Sweden
Methodological Range:
The system is global and the time period is 1990. Most of the effect occurs in densely populated areas.

Existing Characterisation Factors of Littering impact on severe nuisance
Characterisation Parameter Category Indicator Impact Indication Principle Aspect Substance Quantity Unit Notes
CFactor Severe nuisance EPS/2000
Type = Emission
Direction = Output
Media = Soil
Geography = *
Littering EPS/2000 1.39E-03 p yr/m2