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SPINE LCI dataset: Scalable electric traction motor, permanent magnet (PMSM), for EVs


Technical System

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Date Completed 2016-07-01

Copyright Anders Nordelöf

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Technical System
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Name Scalable electric traction motor, permanent magnet (PMSM), for EVs

Functional Unit 1 piece of electric traction motor, specified by its output in power (20-200 kW) and torque (48-477 Nm)

Functional Unit Explanation

Process Type Gate to gate


Sector Process


Technical system description The dataset consists of a general and scalable LCI data model for a(n) (internal) permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, (I)PMSM, designed for electric vehicle propulsion. It provides the mass composition and manufacturing data for a typical automotive electrical machine design, as delivered at the factory gate. The model file generates data on motors ranging in power from 20-200 kW and in torque from 48-477 Nm, i.e. from a small electric passenger vehicle up to, for example, an electrically propelled bus.

It is a gate-to-gate LCI, with inputs as delivered from various stages of material processing. All input and output flows have recommended matching output and input flows from LCI process datasets or elementary flows included in ecoinvent v 3. The LCI is possible to combine with input data for virgin raw materials as well as recycled materials.
Use (operation and maintenance) and end-of-life treatment is NOT included in the dataset.

Adjustable model parameters:
* Maximum power (kW)
* Maximum torque (Nm), allowing for base speeds within 3000-5000 rpm (default: 4000 rpm)
* Inclusion/exclusion of electromagentically passive parts: housing (body and endbells on each side), shaft, bearings

Input flows:
* Products flows, as "product material input" (materials and subparts) and "processing input" (input to production, but not a part of the final product).
* Energy use in production

Output flows:
* Product flow: 1 piece of electric motor
* Waste - typically metal scrap, sludge or used process liquids
* Emissions to air and water

The model has been setup with a regular system boundary and an extended system boundary. The regular boundary encircles the inventoried gate-to-gate system. The latter encircles a set of ecoinvent activities for material transformation and coating included to account for the making of several subparts from their material constituents. These activities are listed separately from the inventory defined by the regular system boundaries, to avoid confusion for the user, see the model report.

The model file presents an aggregated inventory list (and an aggregated activity list, see above) on the summary page, as well as all flows in and out of each unit process (including all internal flows of the gate-gate system). Extended system activities are also presented both aggregated (in a list on the summary page) and individually for each related flow.

Finally, uncertainty has been quantified for all data on the unit process level (not for aggregated results) by the authors, based on qualitative assessment of data quality according to the ecoinvent pedigree matrix approach, see Appendix A of the model report.

For a full description on the methodology, theory and data processing that has led to the inventory details presented in the model file, please read the model report.

System Boundaries
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Nature Boundary See model report.

Time Boundary See model report.

Geographical Boundary See model report.

Other Boundaries See model report.

Allocations See model report.

Systems Expansions See model report.

Flow Data

General Activity QMetaData
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Date Conceived See model report.
Data Type Derived, mixed
Represents See model report.
Method All flows are calculated using the model file "Scalable PMSM LCI Model.xlsx"

Literature Reference See model report.


Flow Table and Specific Meta Data
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QMetaData Direction FlowType Substance Quantity Min Max SDev Unit Environment Geography

Output Product Electric traction motor, permanent magnet (PMSM), for EVs 1 pce Technosphere World

About Inventory
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Publication Model file:
Nordelöf A (2017) Scalable IPMSM LCI Model v1.01.xlsm [Online]. Version 1.01. Gothenburg, Sweden: Environmental Systems Analysis; Chalmers University of Technology. Distributed by The Swedish Life Cycle Center.Available:

Model report:
Nordelöf A, Grunditz E, Tillman A-M, Thiringer T, Alatalo M (2017) A Scalable Life Cycle Inventory of an Electrical Automotive Traction Machine - Technical and Methodological Description, version 1.01. Report No. 2016:4 (1.01). Environmental Systems Analysis & Electric Power Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Intended User See model report.

General Purpose See model report.

Detailed Purpose See model report.


Practitioner Anders Nordelöf - Environmental Systems Analysis, Chalmers University of Technology.


Applicability See model report.

About Data See model report.


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